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Beginning Java 7

Beginning Java 7 is a book that I authored in 2011. This book introduces you to version 7 of the Java language and various key APIs.

You learn the fundamentals of the Java language and a huge assortment of language, utility, GUI/graphics, classic I/O, network-oriented, JDBC, XML-oriented, web service-oriented, and many miscellaneous APIs. You also receive an introduction to Android app development.

Beginning Java 7
Publisher: Apress
ISBN13: 978-1-4302-3909-3
Download Appendix C
Download Appendix D
Download Errata

This book's nearly 1400 pages are mostly organized into 12 chapters and 4 appendixes. The Table of Contents appears below:

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started with Java
  • Chapter 2: Discovering Classes and Objects
  • Chapter 3: Exploring Advanced Language Features
  • Chapter 4: Touring Language APIs
  • Chapter 5: Collecting Objects
  • Chapter 6: Touring Additional Utility APIs
  • Chapter 7: Creating and Enriching Graphical User Interfaces
  • Chapter 8: Interacting with Filesystems
  • Chapter 9: Interacting with Networks and Databases
  • Chapter 10: Parsing, Creating, and Transforming XML Documents
  • Chapter 11: Working with Web Services
  • Chapter 12: Java 7 Meets Android
  • Appendix A: Solutions to Exercises
  • Appendix B: Scripting API and Dynamically Typed Language Support
  • Appendix C: Odds and Ends
  • Appendix D: Applications Gallery

Because of the Print-On-Demand limit, the print version of this book cannot exceed 1000 pages cover to cover. Therefore, the print version includes only the 12 chapters.

Appendixes A through D are distributed separately (and for free) as PDF files. Appendixes A and B are included in the book's code file, and Appendixes C and D are included with their code in separate ZIP files.

Visit Apress's Beginning Java 7 page for more information. You might also want to check out Amazon's Beginning Java 7 page.